“A year ago, I would have never guessed that I would be sewing away and be exceptionally good at it. It all happened so fast, I can’t say I gave it a lot of thought, but somehow knew it’s what I’m supposed to be doing. On a whim I gave Fatima a call and a week later, to my amazement, found myself behind a sewing machine for the very first time. Not having a clue how to operate one, I recall the excitement I felt just getting going. I had my doubts as I never really expected to be any good at it, not too mention how nervous I was, but didn’t utter a single word and just got stuck in. 6 months on, millions of stitches, mountain of zips and fabrics and the ever dreaded use of the jaws-of-life (seam ripper), I am enjoying every inch of it.


I have found the world’s most incredible mentors one could ask for, a wonderful environment, and warm and friendly atmosphere. I have been having super fun learning with my fellow students, it just can’t get more awesome than this. We have so many good conversations, topics vary from funny, inspirational, serious and sometimes heart breaking. I really wish them only the best on their journeys – always have fun!

So wow, what a journey this is going to be and has been, to think it all started with a single stitch!

Many thanks for having me sew & grow. I have indeed been growing on so many levels.
Fatima, Teresa, Shaista and Sarah for aspiring me to be better than I was yesterday, not only sewing but as a person. I am truly forever grateful for your time, efforts, patience and expertise. Thank you for making me realize what a tremendously fantastic talent I possess.

My sincere thanks for your effort and support, what a great Job!

All the best”

Peter A SwanepoelSew and Grow Student

On Monday afternoons, I need never worry or complain of boredom. I’m not one of those people who looks forward to collapsing on the couch after school, either. I have something better to do. It is something that I will miss very much when I leave it behind. That something is sewing at Sew & Grow with Aunty Fatima Fazal.

It’s not the actual lesson I’ll miss, though. I will miss the satisfaction of taking a piece of fabric at the beginning, and ending with a wearable, usable garment. I will miss the familiar hum of the sewing machine, and the vibrant colours of the cotton-box. I’ll miss the repetitive, almost boring pinning. Heck, I’ll even miss the sharp sudden prick of a pin!

I will miss the whole experience of sewing, and not only that, but I will most certainly miss Aunty Fatima, with her warm, welcoming hugs, her motherly concern and her helpful assistance. I wil miss ‘Nani’ with her happy greeting and help when Aunty Fatima is occupied. I will miss Muhammad Yusuf, with his constant cheerful chatter. I’ll miss talking to them in between cutting and pinning, because I will miss them.

Then there’s the camaraderie and the warmth, the feeling of belonging, the homely atmosphere where you wish you could stay forever. The pale, pretty curtains, the mirror on the side, the projects on the pin board and the certificates on the wall. I’ll miss every little thing about sewing lessons, and I wish that I never had to leave it behind.

I will always be grateful, though, that I have the memories to treasure, because in the one and a half years that I went to Sew & Grow, I made some of the best memories of my thirteen years. I only wish I could have the chance to make a few more.

To every one of Sew & Grow’s students: You are in a special place, one of the best in the world to me. Believe me when I say that you will not get it anywhere else, because you won’t. Enjoy every moment, before, it comes to an end. You will love it and in doing so, learn a valuable and useful skill.

To Aunty Fatima: Jazakallah (thank you) for one of the best experiences of my life. Thanks to you, I will always know how to sew, and whenever I do, I’ll fondly look back at my lessons. I love sewing as well as everything and everyone involved with Sew & Grow, and I always will. I wish you all the best in the future. May you be blessed with everything good, and may you continue to give people like me so much. I will miss you, and Sew & Grow forever after.   Love,  Naafia Amod

Naafia AmodSew and Grow Student

Just want to say thanks you again for teaching me – my time spent with you was definitely beneficial and most memorable. I hope to have not only gained a teacher but a friend as well. May Allah always enhance you in your wonderful qualities and character. You are truly an amazing woman with so much of kindness, caring and professionalism which I like. Hope the kids can all met one day, Inshaa Allah and I hope to always hear of you and see you again soon. Please remember me always in your duas.

Kashiefa MartinSew and Grow student

I started sewing lessons with Fatima in January 2013. Whilst I have owned a sewing machine for years, and had plenty of ideas of what I wanted to do I was unable to put it into practice. Fatima taught me this. Not only did I learn to really sew, I was taught patience and was always encouraged “to not give up”. I have many proud additions to my wardrobe now, all made by me, thanks to the sewing lessons. Fatima is a wonderful women who is professional in her field. Her patient manner of teaching is suitable for both the young and those who are not so young. She makes the lessons fun and interesting and learning under her is a pleasure. It is a journey that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Therese RichardsSew and Grow student