The Sew and Grow team were amazing! Lorraine, Karla, and Eunice were amazing teachers – so patient, extremely knowledgable, and always around when you needed assistance. I joined as a beginner with zero sewing experience, and Fatima and her team provided me with all the sewing fundamentals in just 8 short classes. I also was able to work at my own pace and always got individual attention/assistance when needed. Fatima is also extremely friendly and very accommodating of your schedule. 10/10 would recommend!

You often hear the term “heaven sent” and when we think of you and sewing class, we cannot find a more appropriate term. We went through a difficult time last year having lost our precious little baby girl. In the midst of so much pain and confusion, we gifted ourselves the joy of sewing. Our motto was “beautiful things come together with one stitch at a time”…and so began our sewing journey with you.
Where you would have found us moping around over weekends, hugging a box of tissues, and feeling sorry….we were now in a bustling fabric shop amongst an explosion of pattern and colour, fiddling with a needle, convinced that an eye test was in order, and discussing selvage lines in between cups of tea.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a wonderful, motivating, and inspirational sewing teacher and a beautiful human being. Your patience has watered not only sewing seeds but helped us grow along this journey of life.
We are sad that we did not get to complete our course with you but we will be back. In the meantime, we will continue to practice because as our famous sewing teacher drilled into us “sewing is like driving…it gets better with practice”. Your voice will always linger in our minds, your passion will stay in our hearts. May your sewing school grow from strength to strength to bring light into more lives and may you upskill those who need it most.

The beginners’ course is a must if you have not touched a sewing machine….like me 😆 I highly recommend this course and Fatima and the team at Sew and Grow are fantastic and incredible! I loved learning how to sew and after my first course, I immediately booked for the 2nd course and look forward to completing the advanced courses next year! I learned so much in such a short space of time while having such fun! Awesome experience and a wonderful atmosphere with like-minded people.

I’ve always had the urge to learn how to sew, but life just happens and you don’t actually make any time to fulfill your dreams. During the lockdown, everyone was making masks and selling them at crazy prices because the demand was so high. This was when I decided to look for someone to help me understand the basics of sewing, so I could make my own. The very first call I made to Fatima I was sold immediately she is such a wonderful person and very patient. I started course 1 8 weeks ago and I am so happy with everything I learned. The teachers are really amazing, the classes are small so you get individual attention. The structure of the courses are great and you learn at your own pace. It’s the perfect environment to learn. I would love to give my sincere gratitude to Fatima and her amazing teachers (Lorraine, Karla, and Eunice) for the wonderful experience. I would definitely be back for another course!!!

Fatima and the team at Sew and Grow are fantastic and incredibly accommodating! I loved my time there during my first course and look forward to completing another one soon! I learned so much in such a short space of time while having such fun! Awesome experience all around!

One of the best decisions I’ve made in 2020! I’ve learned so much and it’s all so exciting.

When I decided to fiddle with my mom’s old sewing machine, I had no idea how much fun was in store !! After looking at complicated and daunting technology in front of me I decided to find someone to teach me how to get started.


Sew and grow is a fun, friendly community of budding sewers with the most lovely teachers. You feel like your every experience of sewing is deeply important to the teachers. There is not a session I’ve been to that didn’t end with a satisfied smile and a bubbling excitement for the next session.

After 4 sessions I have completed a bag and my first skirt, which I paraded around my house to all my family members. I already feel confident with that Not-so-daunting machine and I have a bunch of pictures on my phone of all the things I know I will soon be able to sew.

I highly recommend sew and grow as they have given this all to me. Give them a call! (Covid regulations are followed very well)

It’s a very good school definitely I would recommend it to friends and family

When I started my classes at Sew & Grow, I didn’t even know how to thread a sewing machine, the teachers were so patient to take me through all the basics and I have since made a number of clothing items which blows my mind away because every time I finish a project it gives me a sense of accomplishment that comes from creating something handmade. It’s the best feeling to see your own hand-sewn creations. Taking these classes was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Sew and grow provided such a wonderful and enjoyable learning opportunity. The course is professionally run, with experienced teachers who provide individual attention to each student. Sew and grow is not only flexible but also provides a platform to meet new people with similar interests. What stood out for me was the attention to detail and the quality of the workmanship on each project. Sew and grow definitely takes a lot of pride in all that they do.

Fatima and her team of dedicated teachers, provide small and professional classes. Allowing each student to work at their own pace at times that suit them best. With the busy unpredictable mornings I have, it was very convenient to be able to change classes accordingly. I met an amazing group of people, and shared many laughs over the sewing machine, but most importantly left the school with more skills than I had bargained for. I would really recommend Sew and Grow to those looking for advanced lessons and even those like me who just needed basic skills for simple projects like my kid’s school costumes and odd alterations.

Thank you to Fatima and the team at Sew and Grow! It was an enjoyable and very productive experience.

Such an amazing school! Fatima and her team of skilled teachers are phenomenal. I would highly recommend Sew and Grow to anyone who wants to learn how to sew and make their own clothes. Loved every moment!

I can strongly recommend Sew and Grow. My daughter started with Fatima when she was little. Sew and Grow initially taught her all the basics in a fun kid-friendly way. The sewing gradually became more advanced. Sew and Grow is a positive environment to learn, have fun and make friends along the way. The teachers’ passion for sewing is contagious.

Fatima, you are a kind soul, you are gentle and patient. I cannot thank you enough for taking my little one into your capable hands, cheered her on, and reinforced her dreams of becoming a designer. I wish we had started our journey sooner! I wish your business growth to reach many lives.

I look forward to my lessons at Sew And Grow. Teachers have so much patience for absolute beginners like myself. I actually can’t believe I was ever intimidated by sewing. Best decision I have taken.

Sew and Grow is my home away from home and its teachers are my second family. Not only have I learned a whole new set of skills. I have enjoyed every minute of every lesson. Really excellent courses which are well planned and executed. A must for anyone wanting to learn something new and have great fun doing it.

My daughter loves Sew and Grow. The environment is friendly and accommodates all ages. Teachers are attentive, patient, and eager to help out students. Best place to learn. Thank you, Fatima, and your awesome teachers.

My daughter is 11 years old and has completed the kiddies courses and is now started Adult course 2. She is so thrilled. She always says the teachers are wonderful and she looks forward to her future projects.😃👍😊

Learning 2 sew at Sew & Grow is not giving an insight on how to sew but you are being welcomed in a loving and caring family
whilst gaining a skill.
I am suffering from depression but Fatima’s affection as a mother 2 me than a teacher also helps me a lot to cope with my anxieties. Keep it up, Mam. I’m glad I got to join the Sew & Grow family😍

There is a quote that says “My mom taught me sewing skills but I trained with the best!”
This is exactly what I have experienced at Sew and Grow. The training I received from Fatima and the other sewing instructors has been an investment that keeps growing on “sew” many levels 😁.
I learned valuable tips and tricks and gained my confidence and self-esteem back. Sewing something tangible and beautiful while applying your own creativity is such a satisfying and rewarding experience that can be enjoyed throughout your life.
I thoroughly enjoyed all the courses and will never forget my time spent at Sew and Grow.
Thank you Fatima and team for patiently and unselfishly transferring your knowledge of the Art of Sewing.

Being a part of Sew n Grow has been a wonderful experience of learning and growing. I learned many sewing skills in a short space of time, and felt more accomplished on completion of each project!

Thank you Fatima for creating a school that is so next level. I can’t wait to explore more sewing skills ❤🌸

Learning to sew was a lifelong dream. As a male, I did not concentrate on that dream and followed the professional route. Once I got to Fatima’s class I realized how much patience and understanding are required to sew. Fatima displayed all of those qualities and thought me how to be patient through sewing. She truly is a mother yet at the same time a professional. Do yourselves a favor and join the Sew and Grow family as you will gain immense knowledge relating to sewing and life. Thank you Fatima for helping me through my most difficult times.

Pleasant environment and a great learning experience. I’ve learned so much and it was worth every penny. I’ve gained confidence in my ability to sew, at Sew and Grow.

I was so excited when I found SEW AND GROW on the internet. I have been making my own clothes for a while but was struggling with some things like how to install an invisible zipper, neckbands and the list goes on, Thanks to Sew and grow my knowledge has increased, the instructors are absolutely wonderful, Fatima, Carla, Lorraine, and Theresa and Ghia. I love you guys so many laughs. Thanks for the great classes and Fatima your books on sewing instructions are excellent.

“A year ago, I would have never guessed that I would be sewing away and be exceptionally good at it. It all happened so fast, I can’t say I gave it a lot of thought, but somehow knew it’s what I’m supposed to be doing. On a whim, I gave Fatima a call and a week later, to my amazement, found myself behind a sewing machine for the very first time. Not having a clue how to operate one, I recall the excitement I felt just getting going. I had my doubts as I never really expected to be any good at it, not to mention how nervous I was, but didn’t utter a single word and just got stuck in. 6 months on, millions of stitches, a mountain of zips, and fabrics and the ever-dreaded use of the jaws-of-life (seam ripper), I am enjoying every inch of it.


I have found the world’s most incredible mentors one could ask for, a wonderful environment, and a warm and friendly atmosphere. I have been having super fun learning with my fellow students, it just can’t get more awesome than this. We have so many good conversations, topics vary from funny, inspirational, serious, and sometimes heartbreaking. I really wish them only the best on their journeys – always have fun!

So wow, what a journey this is going to be and has been, to think it all started with a single stitch!

Many thanks for having me sew & grow. I have indeed been growing on so many levels.
Fatima, Teresa, Shaista, and Sarah for aspiring me to be better than I was yesterday, not only sewing but as a person. I am truly forever grateful for your time, efforts, patience, and expertise. Thank you for making me realize what a tremendously fantastic talent I possess.

My sincere thanks for your effort and support, what a Great Job!

All the best”

On Monday afternoons, I need never worry or complain of boredom. I’m not one of those people who looks forward to collapsing on the couch after school, either. I have something better to do. It is something that I will miss very much when I leave it behind. That something is sewing at Sew & Grow with Aunty Fatima Fazal.

It’s not the actual lesson I’ll miss, though. I will miss the satisfaction of taking a piece of fabric at the beginning and ending with a wearable, usable garment. I will miss the familiar hum of the sewing machine, and the vibrant colors of the cotton-box. I’ll miss the repetitive, almost boring pinning. Heck, I’ll even miss the sharp sudden prick of a pin!

I will miss the whole experience of sewing, and not only that, but I will most certainly miss Aunty Fatima, with her warm, welcoming hugs, her motherly concern, and her helpful assistance. I will miss ‘Nani’ with her happy greeting and help when Aunty Fatima is occupied. I will miss Muhammad Yusuf, with his constant cheerful chatter. I’ll miss talking to them in between cutting and pinning because I will miss them.

Then there’s the camaraderie and the warmth, the feeling of belonging, the homely atmosphere where you wish you could stay forever. The pale, pretty curtains, the mirror on the side, the projects on the pinboard, and the certificates on the wall. I’ll miss every little thing about sewing lessons, and I wish that I never had to leave it behind.

I will always be grateful, though, that I have the memories to treasure, because in the one and a half years that I went to Sew & Grow, I made some of the best memories of my thirteen years. I only wish I could have the chance to make a few more.

To every one of Sew & Grow’s students: You are in a special place, one of the best in the world to me. Believe me when I say that you will not get it anywhere else because you won’t. Enjoy every moment, before, it comes to an end. You will love it and in doing so, learn a valuable and useful skill.

To Aunty Fatima: Jazakallah (thank you) for one of the best experiences of my life. Thanks to you, I will always know how to sew, and whenever I do, I’ll fondly look back at my lessons. I love sewing as well as everything and everyone involved with Sew & Grow, and I always will. I wish you all the best in the future. May you be blessed with everything good, and may you continue to give people like me so much. I will miss you, and Sew & Grow forever after.   Love,  Naafia Amod

Just want to say thanks to you again for teaching me – my time spent with you was definitely beneficial and most memorable. I hope to have not only gained a teacher but a friend as well. May Allah always enhance you in your wonderful qualities and character. You are truly an amazing woman with so much kindness, caring, and professionalism which I like. Hope the kids can all met one day, Inshaa Allah and I hope to always hear from you and see you again soon. Please remember me always in your dues.