Kids Course 2

Course Entails:

After completion of Course 1, your child will move onto Course 2, from which he/she will learn more advanced sewing techniques which will give him/her the skills needed to sew tops and pants.
At this stage your child’s projects will have a smarter look and with practise his/her stitching and finishing will improve.
In this course she will work with bindings, facings, pockets and elastic casings.

1. To master bindings

2. To attach patch pockets

3. To sew topstitching and hems

4. To sew raglan sleeves and flounces

5. To fuse and sew facings

6. Elastic casings

7. Recap pattern placing, grainlines, fold lines
and selvedges

8. Open and close seams

9. Sew crotches

1. Raglan Blouse with sleeve variations

2. Pants with patch pockets, elasticated waist, smart fit

3. Shell top with slits and facing

The duration of the course is 6 classes which can be staggered between Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday to suit each individual student.
Each class is 3 hours long
Enrolment can be done at any time during the year as each student learns individually

• Wednesday: 9:30am-12:30pm
• Thursdays: 9:30am -12:30pm
• Saturdays: 9:30am-12:30pm

Cost: R 3,000
The cost of course is inclusive of enrollment, instruction books, vytrace, thread, binding, elastics, ring binders, plastic sleeves, labels and much more.


• Payment option 1: R3,000 once off payment payable in advance

Note: the option below are subject to a DEBIT ORDER being signed.

• Payment option 2: R1,800 x 2 months, the first of which is payable in advance = R3,600 (not more than 3 classes monthly)


Note: No poly cottons
Please check swatches in class before buying fabrics!
All Cotton fabrics to be pre washed


• 150 wide x 1.5m long Cotton fabric or
• 115 wide x 2.3m long Cotton

• 115 wide x 2m long Cotton fabric or
• 150 wide x 1.5m long Cotton fabric

• 150 wide x 1.m long Cotton fabric or
115 wide x 1.5m long Cotton fabric


• Individual attention so that you can learn at your own pace while being part of a group.

• Easy to follow patterns and instructions in full colour instruction guides

• Brand new sewing machines and over-lockers to use in class. It is however of utmost importance for a student to have a sewing machine at her disposal in order to practice at home

• Spacious cutting tables

• Vytrace for tracing patterns

• A comfortable and exciting atmosphere to learn in

• Safe parking with a parking attendant in place

• Refreshments are provided