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Who can join?2021-01-20T10:28:45+02:00

Who can join?

Sew & Grow Sewing School caters to children and adults from the ages of 10-90. If you have ever had an interest in fashion design, needlework or any creative field, Sew and Grow is likely to provide a creative hobby that could turn into a business for adults or a fun-filled activity for children. Enquire about our holiday activity courses to accommodate children on their school holidays or as an extra curriculum activity for kids to do after school.

What courses are offered?2021-01-20T12:27:37+02:00

What courses are offered
Adult and kids beginner courses, that teach you the basics of sewing. We also offer a kid’s school holiday program as well as an Abaya course, Overlocker course, Comfy Hoodie course, Flattering skirts course, and a Patterns course.

Where are the courses held?2022-08-23T10:45:32+02:00

189 Beyers Naude
Sew & Grow Sewing School has a safe and secure premise on the 3rd floor of the Northcliff Atrium. Our sewing class offers comfortable
seating as well as a serviced sewing equipment and machines on which you can learn the fine art of sewing. We have safe parking
facilities as well

When can we join?2021-01-20T10:39:34+02:00

You can start a Sew and Grow course at any time throughout the year, except the 16 December to 28 February when the school is closed.

What ages kids are allowed on the course?2022-08-23T10:36:09+02:00

Kids from the age of 10 years old are allowed to join.

When are the courses scheduled?2022-08-23T10:38:54+02:00

You can choose a time that suits you from the slots below:
Times that can be chosen:
Mondays to Fridays mornings: 9:00am-12:00pm
Mondays to Fridays afternoons: 1:00pm-4;00pm
Monday to Fridays evenings: 5:00pm- 8;00pm
Saturday Mornings: 9:00am-12:00pm
Saturday Afternoons: 12:30pm -3:30pm
Sundays: 9:00am-12:00pm

How much does the course cost?2021-01-20T11:02:28+02:00

Courses start from R3000.

Are there full time courses?2021-01-20T11:04:35+02:00

Unfortunately, there are only part-time courses.

What are the benefits of this course for children?2021-01-20T11:08:21+02:00

There are many proven benefits of sewing for children and adults. Increases creativity, builds self-esteem. In children, it encourages problem-solving and sharpens hand-eye co-ordinations well as fine motor skills. It also teaches perseverance and allows children to get away from their digital devices. Also, it opens opportunities for careers in fashion design and dressmaking. Turn a hobby into a money-making business venture. Give yourself a new skill now!

Do you need a sewing machine?2021-01-20T11:10:08+02:00

You will need a sewing machine to practice at home, however, machines are provided in the classes.  We sell sewing machines at Sew and Grow which you can purchase from our online store.

How do I enroll?2021-01-20T12:24:21+02:00

To enroll in the course, please fill in the enrolment form. Once you have completed payment please email the enrolment form and proof of payment to fatima@sewandgrow.co.za.

Is the Abaya course for beginners or not?2021-01-20T11:14:16+02:00

Abaya Course can be done after courses 1 and 2 as course 3, or if you know the basics of sewing.

What do I bring to my first class?2021-01-20T12:37:22+02:00

1 meter of cotton fabric for a drawstring bag. No poly cotton, stretch fabrics, georgettes Please collect swatches in the first lesson before buying fabrics! All Cotton fabrics to be pre-washed.

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