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Beginners Sewing – Online Course

Our beginners course 1 is now available online. This course is packed with detailed videos and written workbooks, designed to teach you how to sew from the comfort of your home.

Course Content 

1. Intro of the functions of the sewing machine
2. Bobbin filling and Lower threading
3. Upper threading
4. Straight Stitching Foot Control
5. Backtacking
6. Pivots
7. Zig zag
8. Overlocking
9. Find your correct size
10. Replacing the sewing machine needle
11. Attaching and changing presser foot
12. Front loader sewing machine & Lower thread   Bernette
1. Placing and cutting of patterns Drawstring Bag
2. Turning and sewing edges   Drawstring bag
3. Making channels   Drawstring bag
4. Side seam   Drawstring bag
5. Inserting the cord   Drawstring bag
1.a. Wrapover Skirt Various Method
1.b. Layout and Cutting of Patterns Size 2   Wrapover Skirt
1.c. Layout and Cutting of Patterns Size 16   Wrapover Skirt
2. Front Wrapover Skirt
3. Side seams Wrapover Skirt
4.a. Waistband and Ties – Wrapover Skirt
4.b. Waistband and Ties – Wrapover Skirt
5. Loops Optional   Wrapover skirt
6. Button hole   Wrapover Skirt
7. Hem   Wrapover Skirt
1. Layout and cutting Shelltop
2. Preparing facings Shelltop
3. Sewing shoulders Shelltop
4. Sewing facings for neckline Shelltop
5. Overlocking Shelltop
6. Sewing neckline Pinning sewing neckline   Shelltop
7. Sewing neckline Shelltop
8. Clipping seams of neckline Shelltop
9. Pressing seam of neckline   Shelltop
10. Understitch on Neckline   Shelltop
11. Sewing facings to shoulder seams Shelltop
12. Side Seams   Shelltop
13. Sewing Slits   Shelltop
14. Sleeve hem and Shelltop hem   Shell top
1. Pattern Pieces and Cutting Cushion Cover
2. Zip Cushion Cover
3.a. Cushion Cover
3.b. Cushion Cover
Mac Scaled

R 3500 (Including Fabrics, Patterns and sewing accessories)