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The purpose of this comprehensive enrolment form is to establish the rules, terms and conditions of enrolment at Sew and Grow Sewing School. This is done in an endeavor to avoid any unnecessary misunderstanding and unpleasantness during the sewing term. The conditions set out are for the mutual benefit and protection of the student and the instructor. By signing this form, you understand and agree to the rules, terms and conditions listed in the following pages. Parent/Guardian to sign for under the age of 18 years.


1. ENROLMENT Before any student’s lesson times can be reserved, this enrolment form must be completed and signed. Upon enrolment you are considered booked in for the full duration of the course.

2. FEES Fees are to be paid per course and never “per lesson” attended Course fees are inclusive of enrolment fees.

Full payments as agreed must be paid before commencing sewing classes. Payment references must include your name and surname. Fees are not pro-rata-ed for loss of lessons at any time after commencement, but extra lessons are offered according to the instructor’s time and schedule. This course is exclusive of overlocking threading lessons; however, such lessons will be provided at extra cost upon enquiry.

3. DURATION Our curriculum is structured in such a way that the hours accommodate the specified projects. In the unlikely event that a you complete all projects in less than the hours provided the balance will be forfeited. The balance is not transferable to another student nor can these hours be carried forward to another course. Should you not complete all projects in the duration of the course chosen additional classes will be made available to you at an extra cost.

5. ABSENCE FROM LESSONS Should you not attend sewing lessons for any reason, classes can be ‘made up’ providing that the lesson is cancelled before the morning of the scheduled day by means of a text message or phone call. You must adhere to the slots you have chosen to maintain the quality of classes and not to inconvenience other students. Dates will be sent to you accordingly considering public and religious holidays. Classes will be attended weekly to complete hours but if you fail to attend consistently, Sew and Grow has the right to give your space away or delay your attendance. Attendance will be by you the student alone and not be accompanied by a chaperone etc

5. REFUNDS After signing an enrolment form refunds will not be given under any circumstances. If after commencing your course if you decide to stop classes your hours will not be transferable to another student.6. GENERAL Should an instructor be unable to take a class due to circumstance beyond her control (such as illness), the lesson will be made-up or adjustments will be made e.g. a replacement teacher.

7. LOSS AND DAMAGES The student/guardian/parent hereby indemnifies Sew and Grow and its employees against all or any other claims, loss and/or damages arising out of or resulting from personal injury, loss of personal items or any loss suffered by the student. Sew and Grow will not be held liable for loss of personal injury or property.

8. OWNERSHIP Copying and distribution of Sew and Grows course material is strictly prohibited. No part of the course may be used for any commercial after or during completion of the Sew and Grow course. All students are expected to respect and protect the intellectual property rights of the material that they are being provided. Students may not copy, forward, distribute, sell or make available in any format or any platform to any other person, the Sew and Grow material to which they have access.