Kids sewing 


Kids sewing entails:

If your child has shown any interest in sewing, then you are taking the correct steps to motivate and encourage your child’s passion. Please don’t be surprised, but YES, KIDS CAN SEW! The I LOVE SEWING programme has taught over a million kids, and I am proud to teach the programme, and will be glad to teach your daughter/son.

Kids Beginners Course: 2 X a month every second week for 2 hours
Cost: R599 a month + R550 pattern book (once off for each course)

Course entails: Knowing your sewing machine, cutting from a pattern, placing pattern pieces, pinning and cutting, determine pattern sizes, making elastic casings , working with bindings, sewing pockets, quilting , fitting a lining, sewing hemlines, sewing on buttons etc. Your beginner’s course entails completion of a Lined Sewing Bag, Easy Skirt with slit, Round Neck Blouse, Flat Front Shorts, Easy Maxi Skirt, Basic Pants, Gypsy Blouse, and Glasses Sleeve. Sewing machines are available in the class. Fabrics of your own choice need to be purchased.


Times that can be chosen: 

Wednesdays: 9:30am-12:30pm

Thursdays: 9:30am: 12:30pm,  

Saturdays: 8:30am-10:30am or 10:30-12:30pm

What your kids will learn

  • Using a  sewing machine
  • Cutting from a pattern
  • Placing pattern pieces, pinning and cutting
  • Determine pattern sizes
  • Making elastic casings
  • Working with bindings
  • Sewing pockets
  • Quilting
  • Fitting a lining & sewing hemlines & buttons 

What you will make :

  • Lined Sewing Bag
  • Easy Elasticated Skirt with slit
  • Round Neck Blouse 
  • Flat Front Shorts
  • Easy Maxi Skirt
  • Wrap over Skirt
  • Basic Pants
  • Gypsy Blouse
  • Glasses Sleeve.
Students are not allowed to miss more than 4 booked classes after enrolment.

More about the classes:

> All sewing machines & patterns are provided. > All classes consist of small groups > Comfortable  environment > Fun atmosphere where you will make new friends > Refreshments provided > Fabrics and scissors not included

Cost of Course:
R599 per month  + R550 (once off)  for pattern book( once off)

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Have fun by learning to sew a Drawstring Bag and an elasticated skirt in 2 lessons use a sewing machine!!! If you have already sewn these then feel free to do anything else in the curriculum.

Cost:R599 Fabrics all supplied.
Kids 8 and above, Adults Welcome.

Choose 2 slots from below:
Wed and Thurs: 10:00-12:00
Fridays: 14:30-16:30
Saturdays: 9:30-11:30/11:30-13:30
Bookings essential   Contact Fatima   0825687408/0114826542