Who can join?

Sew & Grow Sewing School caters for children and adults from the ages of 8-90. If you have ever had an interest in fashion design, needlework or any creative field, Sew and Grow is likely to provide a creative hobby that could turn into a business for adults or a fun filled activity for children. Enquire about our holiday activity courses to accommodate children on their school holidays or as an extra curriculum activity for kids to do after school.

What courses are offered
There are 4 courses.  Each course consists 32 - 40 hours, 2 hours per week. There is a selection of payment options as well as class time options to choose from.

Where are the courses held?
Sew & Grow Sewing School has a safe and secure premises in Melville Gauteng. The sewing studio offers comfortable seating as well as a serviced sewing equipment and machines on which you can learn the fine art of sewing.

Benefits for Children and Adults

Increases creativity, builds self-esteem. In children it encourages perseverance, problem solving and hones hand-eye coordination & fine motor skills. Opens opportunity for careers in fashion design and dressmaking. Turn a hobby into a money making business venture. Give yourself a new skill now!