Course 2

Course 2 Entails:

After completion of Beginners course 1, you will move onto the beginners course 2. In this course you will learn more advanced sewing techniques which will give you the skills needed to sew almost anything. At this stage your items will have a professional look as with practice your stitching and finishing will improve. In this course you will start working with knit fabrics such as cotton knit, work with necklines, straps and hoodies which will really take your sewing skills to the next level.

Times that can be chosen: 

Mondays: 6.30pm- 8.30pm (2 Mondays a month, roster available. Click here)

Wednesdays: 9:30am-12:30pm

Thursdays: 9:30am: 12:30pm, 

Saturdays: 8:30am-10:30am/10:30-12:30pm

What you will learn in course 2:

  • Learn how to work with knit fabrics 
  • Learn how to add sleeves to a garment, using stretch stitches and gathering stitches, 
  • Learn how to add waistbands and straps
  • Learn how to work with necklines 
  • Learn how to work with ruffles and patchwork techniques

What you will make in course 2:

  • A T- shirt
  • A pair of leggings
  • A cute apron
  • A yoga skirt
  • A hoodie top
  • A ruffled, tiered skirt
  • A raglan blouse 
  • A reversible patchwork bag
Duration of course 2: 32hours (all work individually done) Students are not allowed to miss more than 4 booked classes after enrolment.

More about the classes:

> All sewing machines & patterns are provided. > All classes consist of small groups > Comfortable environment > Fun atmosphere where you will make new friends > Refreshments provided > Fabrics and scissors not included

Cost of Course 2:
Payment option 1: R4500 - (10 % discount on Advance payment) incl. Student Guide 2 = R4050
Payment option 2: R4500 - 5% payable in monthly payments R2137.50 x 2 mths inclusive of student Guide 2 = R4275
Payment option 3: R4500 monthly payment of R1500 x 3 mths inclusive if Student Guide 2( 6 hours monthly)
Payment option 4: R599 monthly payment x 8 mths + R550 (once off)  for Student Guide 2 ( 4 lessons monthly)

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