Abaya Course

Learn to sew your own Abaya

Everyone wants the perfect Abaya- The perfect elegant cut, made in a high-quality fabric with just the right amount of embellishments. Abayas come on a range of styles and fabrics; there is one for every body type and for every occasion. Learning to sew your own Abaya will make your life much easier. You will be able to choose the fabric and style that you want & choose how much or how little you want to decorate. Learn to sew the perfect Abaya for your body type and never have Abaya hassles again! Through Summer and Winter, you can learn to sew quickly and easily the perfect Abaya for every occasion.

CONTACT: Fatima Fazal

Address: 17 2nd Avenue, Melville Gauteng. Gauteng, South Africa
Cellphone: 082 568 7408    Telephone: 011 482 6542
E-mail: fatima@sewandgrow.co.za

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to tread & use a sewing machine (machines provided)
  • Learn how to cut from a pattern 
  • Learn how to place, pin and cut pattern pieces & determine sizes, 
  • Learn how to make elastic casings
  • Learn how to work with bindings
  • Learn how to fit a lining
  • Learn how to sewing hemlines, buttons & embellishments etc. 
What you will make:
  • A lined sewing bag
  • An easy pants
  • A kimono style Abaya
  • An all in one Abaya
  • An umbrella/batwing style Abaya
Duration of each course: 40 hours (No Group work). Students are not allowed to miss more than 4 booked classes after enrolment. NB: it’s very important that each project must be repeated at home to practice what was learned in class.


Cost of course:
Payment option 1: R5000 - (10 % discount on Advance payment) incl. Student Guide = R4500
Payment option 2: R5000 - (5% discount) payable in 2 months R2375 x 2months =R4750
Payment option 3: R5000 monthly payment of R1667 x3 mnths ( 8 hours monthly)

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