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Seta Alignment 

The content of the “I ♥ Sewing” Sewing Courses are aligned with SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority) and National Qualifications Framework Standards. We are proudly one of a kind South African developed material. The “I ♥ Sewing” courses are suitable for anybody - Girls, Boys, Teens and Adults – who desire to learn to sew with basic sewing techniques and illustrates step by step project ‘how-to’ illustrations.

Sew and Grow Sewing School is run by Fatima Fazal

Sew and Grow Sewing School is run by Fatima Fazal who started the school February 2012. Since then it has proven to be a popular extra curricular activity for kids and adults of all ages. The classes range from beginner to advanced levelled and anyone can join.

Beginning with 16 students which rapidly multiplied.
Professionals, housewives, domestic workers, grannies, moms, teens, kids, foreigners, holiday makers and home schoolers have enrolled and learned the skill of sewing. “I ♥ Sewing” instructor Fatima Fazal has a diverse teaching experience of over 25 years in basic and advance sewing. Fatima boasts being a teacher of one of South Africa’s most renowned designers.
At Sew and Grow we have a staff of trained teachers who consistently help in every step.

Sew and Grows chirpy entourage makes learning fun for all.
Sew and Grow Sewing School proudly presents the one of a kind South African-developed I♥ Sewing Program aimed at anybody who would like to learn to sew.

Sewing Courses 1-4

The “I ♥ Sewing” sewing courses 1 – 4 with projects and patterns, consists of a wide variety of clothing and crafty projects. These projects and methods are designed and geared towards the Beginner student of any age, starting at 6 years old. Starting with Course 1, progressing to Course 4, the student acquires all the skills and sewing techniques needed to become an excellent sewer.

Students who complete all the courses will be ready to start using fashion patterns to make their own clothes or produce items that they can sell to generate an income etc. All the courses are suitable for children and adults.

Sew and Grow has adopted the “I ♥ Sewing” program with its friendly patterns and workbooks. Currently the program is used in 55 schools throughout Southern Africa.